We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for a guaranteed stomper of an Oktoberfest Party!

1. Hats

Traditional Tyrolean hats are the perfect addition for your party. Why not try putting one at every seat so all of your guests can get involved in the fun? They’re a sure fire way to make everyone feel included and part of the fun.

2. Steins

Whats better than a pint? 2 pints! Stein glasses, glass or plastic, are a great Oktoberfest party piece. You can serve beers, lagers and even ciders in Steins and give the festivities a true Bavarian flare.

3. Bratwurst

Well not just Bratwurst. Putting on a spread of Bavarian foods is a real crowd pleaser. But the star of the show is surely the Bratwurst. Succulent, pork sausage best served in a toasted roll on a bed of sauerkraut.

4. Leiderhosen

More of a commitment, but worth the hassle. Make it a fancy dress affair and really get into the spirit of Oktoberfest.

5. Live German Oompah Band

Oompah music is a term that encompasses several forms of horn-centric music played in Eastern European countries. Guaranteed to get your guests jigging and jiving, an authentic German Oompah Band is the golden ticket to an amazing Oktoberfest party.

6. Biergarten Tables

Biergarten tables are iconic. Long, thin picnic style tables with benches – they’re a great way to get everyone intimate and socialising in no time. No wide tables for conversation to get lost over with groups separated. Everyone’s at the same party with cosy, communal seating.

7. Decorations

When it comes to decorating your venue, more is more. The brighter and more out there the decorations, the quicker you’ll get your guests in the mood. Some ideas include:

  • Bunting
  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • Chequered table cloths
  • Beer bottles vases with bright flowers
  • Placemats
  • Fake stag heads

8. Hammerschlagen

A Bavarian drinking game favourite, this is a game for smaller private parties that don’t have to adhere to health and safety assessments…

The game is simple. You take it in turns to attempt to hit a nail into a wooden stump with the pointy side of a hammer. If you miss, you drink! For obvious reasons, we’d recommend kicking your party off with this game, rather than introducing it a few Steins in!