Don’t get us wrong, it’s amazing that pubs have finally reopened and we’re able to enjoy a pint on draft once again. However, there is something drastic missing… the party vibe. 

Clubs are currently off the cards, but wouldn’t you do anything to relive the feeling of having a boogie with your closest friends? And we’re not sure if dancing in the pub is socially acceptable in times like these. That’s where the Pop Up Bar Hire Co. can save the day! 

Imagine a Gatsby-esque party, in your own garden, with your closest friends and family, with total control over the playlist and where it’s socially acceptable to have a dance.

The Pop Up Bar Hire Co. allows you to hire a bar for your private event, we can provide the drinks and staff, or alternatively if you’re already set up we can just provide the bar! 

Our bars are quick to set-up (we can be up and running within around 30 minutes of arriving), agile, and can get into almost any venue you can throw at us. We also have a license to serve alcohol – even in your back garden – and supply a wide range of drinks, from beers and wines to cocktails. And yes, we do take card… providing there are no signal restrictions of course.

We have a range of options to suit any budget, including…

Dry Bar Hire

This is a popular option if you’re able to supply your own drinks and staff. Our team will deliver the bar, set it up and show you the all-important art of changing a keg, so you can keep the drinks flowing.

Dry Bar Hire with staff

With this option, we’ll supply the dry hire bar (as above), plus a team of our trained and highly capable staff. We will also collaborate with you on putting together the perfect drinks selection for your guests. If cocktails tickle your fancy, we can also collaborate with you in putting together a custom cocktail selection.

Wet Bar Hire, Staff and Stock

The ‘fully loaded’ option. Let us supply the bar, staff and drinks for your party. This is an ideal option if you want to operate a cash bar, ticket bar, token bar. It’s also a great option if you want to supply your guests with a limited amount of free drinks.

Get in touch today for more info on how The Pop Up Bar Hire Co. can add something extra to your private party.